*Until further notice, during the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Manitoba:* the Lutheran Urban Ministry has temporarily suspended all programs (sit-down community meals, coffee times, sharing circles, men's group, worship services, etc.).

Bagged lunches will be distributed at the door in place of our usual sit-down meal times (time schedule is posted on the side door).

As of September 2, 2020, the wearing of a face mask is mandatory when picking up bagged lunches outside.


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The Urban was very fortunate to receive a 2020 and 2021 Stabilization Grant from The Winnipeg Foundation providing assistance during this current pandemic situation, and fortunate to receive a 2020 Emergency Community Support Fund Round 2 grant to augment purchase of items for our bagged lunch program.

CLWR donated to the Urban for PPE costs


Thank you so very much to First Light Safety Products for this donation of 2,000 disposable face masks!  This is so very appreciated.

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thank you to the The Royal Canadian Mint for their generous  donation of hand sanitizer

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thank you to Harvest Manitoba for their on-going support

The Urban was fortunate to receive an Emergency Community Support Fund

Round 2 grant to purchase 100 backpacks.

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Check out the URBAN media page 

Pictures and videos of events, fellowship and fun

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The Urban was very fortunate to receive a One-Time Community Grant from the
Winnipeg Foundation for our "Strength within Community" program. 

From October 17, 2019 - January 29, 2020, our Co-ed Sharing Circles, Men's Group
Sharing Circles and Women's Sharing Circles had the expertise of a number
of facilitators who led discussions on many topics and encouraged the sharing of stories.

video and photos from the URBAN 

This Urban documentary was made available through a grant provided by the ACTS of the MNO.

HOPE is never lost

Watch the video here

Welcome to the Lutheran Urban Ministry!

As followers of Christ, the Urban invites you on a journey of faith. Together we seek the wholeness and reconciliation that Jesus offers all people. The Urban is committed to racial equity.  We welcome and encourage the participation of people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities and abilities; sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions; religious backgrounds and socioeconomic situations, marital and family arrangements.


As a beloved child of God, you are welcome here. All are welcome here!