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United Way Donor - Directed Giving Service

Those who work often are able to have payroll deductions for their charitable contributions through the United Way Campaign. • United Way forms have a section at the end which allows people to add charities that are not listed as regular recipients. 


Donors have the option to add us and they can specify how much of their donation they want to come to us and how much to the United Way.


To add us to the Donor-Directed Giving Service section on the United Way form, the following information is required: Lutheran Urban Ministry, 560 Arlington St. Winnipeg, MB, R3G 1Z5 and our Registered Charity number is: 85198 8592 RR0001 If anyone has any questions, please have them contact me at either; or 204.774.3143 and I will be more than happy to help explain this

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